Could You Spot a Sexual Predator?

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I am THAT Auntie who points out when there is spinach in your teeth, or when you’ve got a a BAD boyfriend. #Sociopaths are EVERYWHERE, and just before they’ve caught you in their net, their last resort is to find some way to try to SHAME you into submission, or use ANGER and THREATS to try to control you or the outcome. This last one I’ve become acquainted with has insinuated his way into our family and church. Being raised as a minister’s son, he studiously know how to play the religious game which gets people trusting him.

But BEWARE! My family was abused by a very high-ranking minister in a well-known denomination. Although some family members have been groomed to not see the eely infiltrator who is scouting for prey among us, those of us to whom the Holy Spirit has gifted with discernment do know and SEE past #gaslighting.

Sociopaths gravitate towards occupations which put them in positions of power over vulnerable people, such as lawyers, teachers, ministers, social workers, office managers, firefighters, etc. They build up “social capital” by doing “good works” so that they will never be suspected of their heinous activity.

They parade their good works, and use fake humility as a smokescreen to camouflage their TRUE ulterior motive. But they do speak the truth of their inner person aloud, causing the discerning to HEAR and OBSERVE the sociopath at work. These are broken people who may well have been abused and psychologically broken-down by trusted higher-ranking authority individuals. Finding out their motives is IRRELEVANT and INEFFECTIVE to protect oneself or one’s loved ones from them. We just need to SEE the person uncloaked from their witchery, and grab our loved ones and FLEE!

Of course, sociopaths not only groom young, vulnerable and impressionable young people, but also the significant adults who are their carers. This is how abuse can continue right under the noses of loving family members and friends and church members. The Sociopath ingratiates him/herself to these people, all the while gaining access to the very small or weak ones that are being predated. Wolf in sheep’s clothing is a very strong delusion which is spun like a spell over people to keep them from seeing the truth.

There is no end of lasting harm which a sociopath can bring to an individual and community of individuals. They cause a person to doubt their own senses, and to not trust the good survival instincts which they may have.

I don’t believe there is any remediation for a sociopath. I do not believe they have the human capability for repentance and redemption. I believe that spinning webs of lies and deception, and fake holiness is so ingrained in them that they are unreliable, untrustworthy, and beyond human hope.

Only God knows a person’s deepest heart. Only Jesus can make twisted things straight, and mend broken hearts and minds. Sociopaths are not beyond Christ’s power to save and restore, but they CERTAINLY ARE beyond human intervention. By the time they are adults, their “programming” is well-ingrained.

Jesus IS near to all who cry out to Him for help and salvation. He is the Good Shepherd, and Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord our Healer. He is the Light of the World, and as such, Christ can and DOES make paths straight for those who are stumbling. He DOES heal the hearts and minds of those who ask it of Him. I am one of these pitifully abused, neglected, and willfully-stubborn and wandering souls who cried out in mental and emotional torment, “Wash me clean! Wash me clean!”

Over the years, as I have studied The Way, The Truth, and The Life in the Word He left for us, I have had my thinking straightened, my emotions salved, and my way of life set right. It is the power of the Holy Spirit in me to bring this about as I leave my own stubborn way, to apply God’s Better Way to my worldview and conduct coming from those.

NOT at all would I claim to be all there, all right, or all of ANYTHING at all, but thank Christ, I am NOT what I used to be on my journey to what I am becoming!

On this Good Friday, 2019, I remember the suffering and the ultimate sacrifice Jesus, the Son of God, Son of Man, God in flesh paid for my redemption, and I weep with gratitude that He called and kept calling me to “Come, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Sociopaths may harm the body and the mind, but they cannot harm the soul who is hidden in Christ with God for a Day of Resurrection and Eternal Life. NO ONE can snatch us out of Jesus’ hand, because He is held in God the Father’s hand. We have an inheritance which is reserved imperishable, irrevocable, and eternal for us when we have finished the course and run our race. Thank You, Jesus!

Looking forward to the Great Resurrection Day!

Until then, here’s a sassy little song:

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David Corn, airport-bathroom detective: behind toilets where no man has ever gone, he spots anti-AOC graffiti that no man has ever seen

via David Corn, airport-bathroom detective: behind toilets where no man has ever gone, he spots anti-AOC graffiti that no man has ever seen

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Tommy Robinson: The Conspiracy

via Tommy Robinson: The Conspiracy

#TommyRobinson, here shown to have lost 45 lb. due to suspicion concerning FOOD while wrongfully imprisoned.

Read, and TAKE HEED.

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When They Remember…

A Swift Sunrise


~ ITEM:Son And Dad with Alzheimer’s Sing Together.. Quando Quando Quando (1968)

~ ITEM: Astonishing YouTube Vids– Alzheimer’s & Music Therapy; and visit to learn more.. OR DONATE AN iPOD!! Speak to your local nursing homes & health care politicians about this, if it’s not in your area.

+++   +++   +++

~ DO YOU HAVE you have a friend or loved one with Alzheimer’s?

I’ve seen the amazing musical memory of such people over and over and over in nursing homes, in the ‘quiet’ wards.

The soul is still there, but a veil has fallen in the brain, and ‘Now’ is just a jumble. The past? Still very present and alive for many. That’s why they often won’t recognize close loved ones– you didn’t look like that 30 years ago. Make of them what can be made, and rejoice with them when they can.


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Saudi student connected to Boston Marathon bombing set to be deported under “Security related grounds” connected to terrorist activities

Glenn Beck broke this news this morning….

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Buck Sexton: Boston an attack


Buck Sexton joins the Glenn Beck Program and gives his analysis on the terror attack on the Boston Marathon

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Energy and the New World Order – The Blaze

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Indoctrination and the progressive future – Glenn Beck Program

Indoctrination and the progressive future
States have taken stimulus money for education, which will now be used to indoctrinate the youth into the radical progressive agenda.

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Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers – Ezra Levant

Sounds like a joke to me:
Gay person walks into a Muslim barbershop and asks for a trim and ends up losing her head….. in Saudi … or Nigeria … or Sudan

coming to a barbershop near you.

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US Muslims want criticism made illegal : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

US Muslims want criticism made illegal : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery.

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