The education of our children is a core cultural and political choice that reflects the deepest differences between liberals and conservatives

Indeed.  Oh my goodness.  Talk about a lack of “critical thinking” in people!

The author of this piece ought to re-educate herself.  Start here:

>>>Now there are many things these people have in common. They can’t find jobs.  They all graduated from college.  Some of you may have even been savvy enough to notice they all theme or center around kind of an “artsy fartsy,” non-profit, government type theme (which will prove relevant later, but not for this particular point).  But, what they ultimately have in common is one thing: They all have worthless degrees. “International Studies,” “Sociology,” “Non-profit Administration,” “African Studies,” “English,” “Psychology,” “Elementary Education,”  “Art and Architectural History,” and, of course my personal favorite, a “Masters in Puppetry.”  All degrees, all worthless. And the reason they are worthless is because of one simple thing: There just isn’t any demand for them.

Clarey, Aaron (2011-12-12). Worthless (Kindle Locations 139-147). Paric Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition. <<<

Note:  they are worthless because there isn’t any DEMAND for those degrees in the job market.  DUH!  Time to wake up, people!  Just because you didn’t do DUE DILIGENCE before you invested in your “chosen field” to consider whether or not you would be MARKETABLE afterwards…..

SUPPLY AND DEMAND.  Not every “education” is equal in value at the end…..

If you’re looking for “education with a job-result”, then it’s best to SEARCH THE JOB MARKET and divine where it will be AFTER YOU GRADUATE.  Dumb and Dumber.

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