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Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers – Ezra Levant

http://to.ly/hkL5 Sounds like a joke to me: Gay person walks into a Muslim barbershop and asks for a trim and ends up losing her head….. in Saudi … or Nigeria … or Sudan coming to a barbershop near you. http://to.ly/hkL7Continue reading

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Greenpeace’s Worst Crime -Ezra Levant


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Amongst the bac…

Amongst the back-and-forth in the Omar Khadr debate, it is often forgotten by media and commentators that he left a family fatherless.

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Former Pentagon…

Former Pentagon spokesman, JD Gordon, talks about his personal encounters with Omar Khadr in Gitmo.

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Retired Special…

Retired Special Forces Sergeant and Khadr victim, Layne Morris reacts to Canadian mainstream media that portrays the convicted terrorist as a “poor child soldier”.

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A Real Victim In The Khadr Case – Ezra Levant

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